Since ancient times, mosaic has been used in the Church’s worship to manifest the glory of the world transfigured in Christ. 

Our approach

The Aidan Hart Mosaic Studio brings you the very highest quality in church mosaics. Aidan Hart, our founder, has travelled the world to research the secrets of the very best in Byzantine and Roman mosaic. He works with a group of skilled assistants to undertake mosaic projects of any size.

We draw on our experience as icon painters to produce designs that translate the Church’s theology into mosaic. This helps us achieve the nuance of expression and spiritual sensitivity so often lacking in works from larger commercial and non-liturgical companies.

In conjunction with the client, we design each mosaic specifically for their church or home. The Studio draws inspiration from the ancient traditions of Christian iconography across East and West, striving to produce mosaics of timeless and divine beauty.

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Who we are

Aidan Hart our lead designer and chief mosaicist has worked as a specialist in liturgical arts since 1983. He has gained an international reputation, with icons in various media in over twenty-five countries of the world, including with the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Pope, Iviron at Mount Athos, numerous cathedrals, and HRH The Prince of Wales. He is author of the respected book “Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting”, and visiting tutor to The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London.

Martin Earle, MA RCA, Icon Diploma PSTA, has worked as chief assistant to Aidan Hart since 2013. With works in USA, Spain and Britain he is rapidly establishing his name as a respected liturgical artist and mosaicist.


For wall mosaics we use the direct method to lay the tesserae. This creates the undulating and sparkling surface so special to medieval masterpieces. The reverse method is an alternative technique in widespread use today but this results in a flat and dead surface.

We usually utilize the so-called 'double direct' or Ravenna method. This means that we can create the work in our studio, either whole or in sections, and then install it with the minimum of disruption to your church or home. 

For floor mosaics we use the reverse method in order to create a flat surface.


The Aidan Hart Mosaic Studio uses handmade smalti glass and gold tesserae from Venice and Murano, and natural stones for subtlety. The tesserae are cut by hand to obtain that pleasing irregularity which is the hallmark of the best mosaics.

Their work is usually made in sections in the studio, attached either to a top quality panelling used in the aero industry, or to gauze ready to bond to the wall or floor.


Quality comes with a price. Our prices reflect our very high standard of craftsmanship and the work you receive will be among the very best in the world. Your mosaic will be around for centuries and so it pays to commission the best for future generations.